Coaching Overview

Coaching Overview For Business Owners, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Your Sales Team is Under-Producing by 36% and More Importantly I Can Show You How to Fix It!

Announcing the Hands On, Roll Up Your Sleeves, Let’s Get to Work

If you are a business owner, sales executive or entrepreneur looking for a more effective way to grow, control or just flat out explode your sales, then I would like to tell you about an extremely effective way for you to make that happen. Here are just some of the things you will learn in our 16 week program to sales domination:

  • Improve your top line by as much as 36%. What if your team showed a 36% increase in 2011? What would this do to your paycheck? This is covered in Module 1 and in Module 4.

  • Get TOP salespeople drooling at your door and begging to join with you. What if you could create a steady stream of solid leads for your sales force? It’s called “salesperson nirvana”, and it’s possible. This is covered in Module 5.

  • Do your customers really appreciate you? Learn how to build a “fortress” around your customers so strong it stops your competition in their tracks, making customer defections a thing of the past! Few people know how to do this and almost none do it right when they try on their own, but this alone can make you a bundle. This is covered in Module 4 and is a must, if you expect repeat business.

  • A simple technique to virtually eliminate “buyer’s remorse”, reducing cancellations, returns or refunds and resulting in increased sales at the same time. It’s very simple, that’s why hardly anyone thinks it works.

  • How to get testimonials from your customers and how to make them eleven times more powerful. If you don’t do this right, it will actually turn off your potential customers.

  • Why using traditional “goal setting” not only doesn’t work but can be self-destructive to you. How do you feel about your abilities, when you look at your list of goals and 8 out of 10 were not achieved? That’s what happens when you don’t have a systematic forecast with an accountable funnel system. This is covered in Module 3 and Module 6.

  • Close more deals FASTER and avoid the sales roller coaster ride of peaks and valleys. That’s what happens when you don’t have a documented sales process in place. Just by doing this one thing, you could outsell your competition by 17%. This is covered in Module 3.

  • Why everything you know about generating referrals is wrong. Check out our systematic approach to at least doubling the number of referrals your business receives!

  • Discover how to get your sales force to perform with precision and predictability. See how powerful this can be when you eliminate sales performance excuses. This is like having a SPAM filter on your salespeople. This is covered in Module 1, Module 3, and Module 7.

  • Why old, outdated methods of prospecting are huge time wasters – use this strategy for maximum growth in minimum time, instead. Understand why you could be overpaying for underperformance but can’t prove it or, worse, don’t know what to do about it. This is covered in Module 5.

  • Can you identify ALL of your “sales prevention” departments? See how many of these are on your list. This is a biggie, covered in Module 1.

  • And much, much more.

Join my 8-week Membership Coaching Program where you will learn all of the things about sales management that aren’t taught in the American business school community

“Building a World-Class Sales Force” members can attend a group webinar session with me, Gil Cargill, every other week. You will leave each webinar with templates and guides for you to use to implement the ideas shared with you during that session. You can schedule one-on-one phone calls with me to discuss individual issues. You and I both know you must continually learn newer and better tactics to stay ahead. Your competition is! You need to master the bigger, smarter strategies of sales management…

After all, isn’t your goal to get

“Ordinary Salespeople Producing Extraordinary Results”.

Module 1: Why Can’t Sales Sell?

  • Identify and diagnose sales process-related problems and, later in the course of our program, you’ll learn how to remove any and all of these obstacles.

Module 2: Building a Plan

  • Most sales forces don’t have an activity-based plan. The manager that controls the quantity and quality of activities is the manager that controls the quantity and quality of results (spell that “profit dollars”).

  • You’ll learn how to build and, most importantly, implement an activity-based plan.

Module 3: Activity Management

  • Once you’ve completed the planning process, you must roll out your activity expectations to your team. This facilitates a relationship of total accountability between you and your team members.

  • Creating an accountability environment produces a sales force that delivers predictable and profitable results.

Module 4: Building a Closed-Loop Marketing System

  • The Aberdeen Group has hailed automated closed-loop marketing as the only strategy that is proven to improve your top line by 36%.

  • During this module, you’ll learn how to build a system like this, easily and conveniently.

Module 5: Lead Generation

  • In this module, you’ll learn how to create a variety of lead-generation strategies, all designed to help your team benefit from a nonstop flow of sales-ready leads.

  • Without sales-ready leads, your team will waste a considerable amount of precious, nonrenewable selling time searching for people to sell to. You’ll learn how to build a lead-generation machine within your company.

Module 6: People Management

  • Learn how to coach your team to higher levels of excellence. Nothing short of the relentless pursuit of perfection should be allowed. While that can’t be achieved, you will certainly achieve excellence in your efforts to achieve perfection.

  • You’ll also learn why carrying a marginal performer is the most expensive and least productive strategy you can embrace.

  • Lastly, we will develop a coaching plan together to help you work on your worst employee. Either he/she must improve or they must move along to another organization.

Module 7: Hiring a Sales Force That Will Sell Profitably

  • This critical phase of your membership teaches you how to avoid making the $500,000 mistake. According to The Wall Street Journal, every mis-hire that you and/or your organization makes costs you half a million dollars.

  • Our “behavioral interviewing methodology” is presented in this module. You will discover how to “disarm” those salespeople who are better skilled at getting jobs than they are at doing the job once they get it. You will learn how to observe the behavior of the salesperson throughout the interview. Additionally, you will discover the most valuable message, “Hire slowly and fire fast.”

Module 8: Implementation

  • Now it’s time to implement your new processes and plans in a no-excuses environment.

Even though our regular meetings terminate at the end of this program, as a graduate of the program you have six months of follow-up one-on-one coaching available to you, by request.

No Worry, No Hassle, Guaranteed Refund Policy

From the day we begin our training, you have 30 days to find out why my building a world-class sales force coaching program is your fastest, easiest and most economical way to grow your business. If you follow my advice and complete the recommended action steps within the first 30 days of our engagement and my building a world-class sales force program fails to exceed your expectations, I will refund your first month’s payment.

If this would be of any interest to you, I urge you to take this opportunity to discover how much we could be saving you in time and money.

You can reach me, Gil Cargill, at (310) 510-6053 or contact us with a date and time for a brief 15-minute phone call to discuss how we might help you.

This is probably the smartest move you will make all year.