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Are you a B2B company in search of sales or business development help? Need more inbound leads for your sales team? Or how about just more sales?

My team and I are experts at building AI-powered fully automated lead generation and appointment-setting systems, including generating inbound leads, building a repeatable, scalable sales process, securing top-tier talent for sales teams and above all, driving ROI for our clients.

best turn key appointment generation solution on the market!

Our system is completely turnkey and requires no laptop or other technology. We handle all the details for you, from appointment generation to customer follow-up. We also provide detailed analytics to help you understand what works and what doesn’t. We understand that it can be difficult to find the time and resources to generate appointments, which is why we are here to help. Our system is designed to make appointment generation automatic, efficient, and reliable. We guarantee appointments, not just leads, and our money back guarantee ensures that you are always satisfied with the results.

B2B Email Marketing Program

Are you a B2B company that struggles to generate inbound leads? Can’t seem to find the RIGHT medium? Ever feel like you’re just “spinning your wheels” with everything you try?

I will build you your very own lead generation machine. A scalable system that runs on autopilot, and generates inbound leads each and every day!

Your new email system will send one-to-one, text-based emails to your target prospects - designed specifically to elicit a reply. When they reply that they're interested - BINGO - you have a new lead! And the sales process begins...

You will be able to send hundreds of emails daily, and increase volume as much as you want. This solution is infinitely scalable!

The formula is simple: Targeted outbound emails + your own in-house sales development team = instant B2B company growth!

What can Autopilot do for my business?

Simply stated, Autopilot does the work that your sales team either can't do or won't do. Prospecting and looking for new perspective relationships is time-consuming and is becoming less productive, from the salesperson's point of view. Autopilot will create and maintain up to 13,000 prospective buying relationships for your company.

How do I know it will work for my company?

That's a very fair question. First and foremost there is no risk in utilizing the system. It is offered on a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, before we accept a new client we will conduct an analysis of your current market penetration a quick comparison of the number of active prospective buying relationships that your team is maintaining versus the total number of desirable relationships will tell both of us whether or not autopilot will produce value that far exceeds its monthly retainer.

I have a CRM system will this replace it? 

No autopilot does not compete with nor replace any CRM system. If you have a CRM system in place, that's great. We will synchronize all autopilot activity with your current CRM system. This eliminates the hassle of changing systems, databases, processes, and procedures.

Does your cost vary based on the number of seats/users we provide?

No, we quote one fixed price per company regardless of how many salespeople are employed by your company.

What does the artificial intelligence do for us?

Artificial intelligence is truly our "superpower".  We use AI to "read" the response that we get from prospects based on text messages and/or email messages which are sent in a predefined sequence to the prospects. Based on the response from the prospect we can either respond with more text (simulating a conversation) and/or trigger specific follow-up actions based on the response from your prospects.

We market through multiple channels will autopilot handle that for us?

Your AI-powered virtual SDR handles multiple channels of communications simultaneously. It literally does more work than any individual can or will do. For instance, the system will automatically (utilizing ChatGPT) create and post social media messages on up to seven different social media platforms, daily. The system will respond to inbound messages and inquiries within seconds 24 hours a day seven days a week. It will also automatically dispatch prerecorded voicemail messages, email messages, and text messages. Last but certainly not least it will and can create synthetic conversations in order to book appointments for you and your team.

Will I have control over what is sent to my prospects?

Absolutely. You will have total control over everything that is custom-written for you. One of the benefits of our service is we employ professional copywriters to present your value propositions to your prospects, customers, and clients. But, and no time will we send any message to your market that you don't pre-approve.

What does the appointment Bot do?

The appointment bot is the heart of our scheduling system. This AI-powered bot will communicate with your prospects solicit appointments verify dates and times based on your calendar and confirm that you will reach out to your prospect at the date and time that they request. All of this is done by your virtual sales development representative without any human intervention. The first time you or any member of your team would actually get involved with the prospect is after the have agreed to book an appointment based on the value propositions that we train our system to communicate to your prospects.

How long does it take to set up your system?

 Our typical turnaround time for the system is between three and four weeks. During this setup time, our staff of professional copywriters will develop your text-based marketing messages. Once you approve these messages, they will be turned into email sequences and/or text message sequences.

What does autopilot do for my current perspective buyer relationships?

 The number one reason for discontinuing buying relationships, according to the American Association of Purchasing Agents, is that the vendors that they selected in the past develop a nonchalance/negligent attitude toward the customer. We will train your AI-powered virtual sales development representative to stay in touch with all of your current customers. Moreover, we will train it to communicate the value, from the customer's point of view, of buying more of your products and services. In this application, the sales development representative generates enough incremental revenue to pay for itself.

How much training is required?

We save the best for last. There is no training required for your company to take advantage of this new dynamic system. As mentioned above we will integrate with whatever CRM system you and/or your team are currently using. We will set up the system it will run in the background and the only time you will need to interface with the system is when an appointment is booked and that appointment will appear in an app which we will download to the smartphones of your team.

Easily see new appointments

Our system has been designed to completely eliminate the need for you to log into the system using a computer or laptop. Receive all new appointments real time when they get generated!

Smart booking technology

Our calendar links to your existing calendar (Gmail or Outlook) and will not offer duplicate appointment times for previously spoken for time slots on your schedule!

  • Real Time Alerts - Using real time text alerts right to your phone we keep you updated on all recent system events and customer actions

  • Lead Disposition - 15 minutes after each appointment the system sends you a text asking you to identify the outcome with that appointment. Based on how you respond, the lead is then added to the next campaign

Customer data management

Our calendar links to your existing calendar (Gmail or Outlook) and will not offer duplicate appointment times for previously spoken for time slots on your schedule!

  • All Automated Customer Management - Powered by A.I., all phases of customer management is done automatically. From lead capture to qualifying to nurturing to appointment setting. We offer flexible implementation for whatever you needs are.

Integrates With Your Preferred Calendar System:

Don't change your daily scheduling system to accommodate our appointment schedule, let a hire platform integrate with your daily calendar!

Hear From Our Clients


Tom Cannon

MassPay ™ Mobile Payment

Gil is a master trainer and manager of sales of all types, with a superb demeanor and professionalism of highest level. A superb leader himself, he passes along wisdom, know-how, and develops others in the finest types of persuasion. Software, Hardware, SaaS, Services, Enterprise and is a master of developing and defining process. I have seen Gil in action.


Kathie McBroom

CEO Mentor/ Coach Execution Maximizer

Gil is truly and expert on the topic of Sales. Gil spoke to my group regarding getting the most out of your sales team and approaches for increasing revenue. Many of the CEO’s in our group implemented Gil’s recommendations with respect to Sales Management.


Paul Cesak

President at PC Models

The outcome/results of the meeting were to help determine the future procedural practices of the company. Cargill Consulting and Gil specifically, had been hired to manage the entire effort including tallying the results and compiling the final report. Gil was a excellent.

Leveraged Technology

Multi-Channel approach to generating high quality booked appointments

Voicemail Drop

Use Voice Drops to communicate with interested prospects that are on the verge of booking to increase conversions.


Use Email for short term and long term client nurture campaigns.

Text Messages

Use automated text messaging to confirm booked appointments and nurture leads.

Qualification Surveys

Use robust surveys to continue to qualify leads post booked appointment.

Appointment Scheduling

Fully integrated appointment scheduling system to avoid double booking with your existing calendar.

Text Messages

Use automated text messaging to confirm booked appointments and nurture leads.

No Computer Access Required

With our system and full text integration, any key events are relayed to you via text message and email. Fully freeing you from the necessity of logging into your computer.

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Our system is designed to generate quality appointments, not leads, for your business. We know the importance of finding qualified leads and how hard it is to get those leads to convert into customers. That’s why we’ve developed a system that does the hard work for you



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