It's Like Hiring A Virtual Sales Team

Your sales will increase as soon we start to work for you.

How does a 36% sales increase sound?

Our artificial intelligence powered system does the work your team can't do or won't do.


Goal Number 1

We will create and maintain 13,000 relationships per salesperson, annually.


Goal Number 2

We will qualify your prospects based on your rules perpetually.


Goal Number 3

We will book appointments for you in your calendar.

Try Our Autopilot Sales Android For Yourself!!!

Whether it's inbourd or outbound sales, our AI is ready to be of service. The android will confirm price, availability, quantity on hand, etc. for your inbound sales needs. And for your outbound needs, the android will call up to 10,000 prospects a day, qualify them, and set appointments in your calendar for you.

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What Autopilot does for you.

Today sales professional is frequently too busy to handle all of the task associated with finding acquiring and maintaining relationships with all demographically desirable prospects and customers. That's where we come in.

  • Create and maintain 13,000 prospective buyer relationships annually

  • Create and manage 2 weekly social media posts to 7 platforms

  • Respond to all unanswered inbound calls with an appropriate text message

  • Greet all visitors to your website and offer assistance

  • Prospect for new relationships daily

  • Qualify all prospects based on your rules

  • Send 200 voicemail messages recorded in your voice to your contacts, daily

  • Create appointments with prospects on your calendar

  • Manage reactivation campaigns for dormant/inactive accounts

  • Read all inbound messages (email &/or SMS) and decide on appropriate follow-up campaigns

  • I will communicate with all of your active customers to invite them to engage in a cross-sell or up-sell transaction.

  • Manage an unlimited number of follow-up sequences for an unlimited number of products and services with an unlimited number of prospects and customers

  • Never drop a lead

  • Increase your top line by 36%. I'll never leave you in the dark. You'll get a weekly activity report from me every Monday morning detailing all of the activities I completed in the previous week on your behalf.

What we can give you

First and foremost, we take the risk out of investing in a new technology. Our system is offered on a moneyback, satisfaction guaranteed basis.

  • Your data is safe, always

  • You get a sustainable competitive advantage with us

  • When we work for you revenue and profit will increase


Daily Prospecting

We will reach out to your list of prospects, daily. No exceptions. Our AI powered "brain" integrates cold email, recorded voicemails, and text messages to assure that you compete for all desirable decisions.


Perpetual Follow-Up

All demographically desirable opportunities are automatically assigned to an appropriate workflow sequence. You will never lose a sale, again, because you allowed your prospects to forget about you.


No Training Needed

Are done for you implementation eliminates the need to train your team.


Compatible With All Technology

Whether you you choose are done for you or done by you service, our system is compatible with whatever CRM/calendaring software you're currently using

Don't take our words for it, Hear from our clients

The Autopilot system offers us a tremendous advantage. To get the volume of leads and appointments that the system produces I planned on hiring two or three dedicated, inside sales reps, but now I don't need to. The savings are tremendous. And, your system has never shown in up late for work or with a bad attitude!

George Owens

I can't tell you how great it is to wake up Monday morning looking at appointments that were booked by your system and I never talked to the prospect!!!

Max Tanner

Now that your SDR system is working for me, I'm enjoying more free time and making more money. I love the fact that I don't have to do the "grunt" work needed to gain appointments with prospects.

Kim Wexler

Where were you when I started my business? I certainly appreciate the fact that your system not only generates leads but more importantly sorts insists those leads into perpetual follow-up sequences. I no longer worry about and lead slipping through the "cracks".

Billy Jackson

Your system is the sustainable competitive advantage I've been looking for since I started my practice. As a one-man show, I can't sell, prospect, and serve my clients at the same time. Now that I'm using your Autopilot SDR system I can do all three task simultaneously.

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