Are You Still Pouring Money Into Training For Your Sales Team?

SPENDING Thousands of Dollars on Trainers, Coaches, Therapists, Self-Help Seminars....You Name it....Only to Have Your Sales Team forget EVERY THING they'd Learned?

The Good News is: It's Not Your People!

It's the Traditional Sales Training Process!

Perhaps Your Sales Organization Has Encountered One or More of the Following Issues

  • Management Lacks Training. Most Executives Don’t have a Degree in Sales or First-Hand Selling Experience. Do You?

  • Team Lacks Proper Coaching. Do You Feel More like a “Cheerleader” than an Effective Team Coach?

  • Hiring Mistakes. Have You Ever Hired the Wrong Person? Do You Know how to Identify Characteristics of the “Right” Person?

  • Upper Management has Funnel Blindness. They know the Lead Volume on the Top and have Clear Visibility on the output…but have NO IDEA what is happening with-in the Funnel. Does this Sound Familiar?

  • Team has Limited or No Access to Training After they have Received it. Does Your Team have Access to Sales Training On-Demand?

  • Team Lacks accountability and metrics to Track Progress. Is Your Sales Forecast Unpredictable?

The Solution is a Sales Acceleration System...NOT More Sales Training!


Our Sales Acceleration System is a combination of two very powerful online tools. The first is our SALES COPILOT. This is the world’s first sales process monitoring and reporting system. It is a proprietary software application we developed that runs in the smart-phones of our clients’ salespeople.

Unlike other applications of technology in the selling arena, our system not only tells a salesperson and his/her manager what he accomplished in the previous week, it also utilizes proprietary algorithms to recommend activity adjustments designed to assure successful achievement of year-end goals. These recommendations are based on the demonstrated proficiency of the salesperson running the system.

A Second Component of the system is our Sales Academy learning portal. We believe that, all too often, sales training is a historical event. In other words, the sales team was trained sometime in the past. That training rarely applies to tomorrow’s sales situation.

Consequently, from the SALES COPILOT software, a user merely clicks a link which will take him to our Sales Academy learning portal. The Sales Academy has well over 80 hours of specific sales training, segmented into small digestible “chunks”. We call this just-in-time training.

In summary, the combination of our sales process training in conjunction with our monitoring system provides management with the confidence that sales results will improve dramatically; and WE GUARANTEE IT!


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