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A Message from Gil

Since 1978, Cargill Consulting Group has worked with over 7,000 business-to-business sales forces. We recognize that sales — in particular, sales management — is one of the least formally controlled components of most business organizations.

While there are a myriad of schools you can attend to learn how to become a marketing manager, there are none that offer a four-year diploma in sales management. That’s right, take a look around your organization.

How many of your managers have a diploma in sales management with expertise in how to recruit, hire, train, deploy, and coach their team to higher levels of proficiency? In all probability the answer to that question is few, if any.

Consequently, the sales organization traditionally underperforms all other departments within an organization, at least from the point of view of proficiency and productivity.

In the mid ’80s, I discovered that the sales process used by most business-to-business sales forces was first documented in 1873 by John Henry Patterson, the founder of NCR.

It is tragically ironic that, in today’s world, organizations that rely on their sales team (direct and/or indirect) to find, acquire and retain customers are using techniques and processes first documented in the late 1800s!

When you work with one of Cargill Consultant Group’s certified consultants, your company’s sales and marketing processes will leapfrog over your competition and directly into the 21st Century.

I invite you to explore all aspects of our website. Contact us to ask you questions. Click the social connection links, visit our You Tube page here.

I am confident you will find a great deal of information that will help you. We are committed to helping you improve both the volume of opportunities managed by your sales team, as well as the win rate that they enjoy.

Good luck and good selling,