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Cargill Consulting Group is Excited to Announce the Launch of Our

100% Club

Get Access to Over 40 Years of Business Building Expertise. It's like Hiring a Team of Experienced Sales Vice Presidents for Less than the Cost of a Receptionist!

Our members sell 36% more! Why? Because we have seen just about everything!!!

We know you feel that your challenges are unique. But, Systems, Processes, and Procedures will help you Overcome all of the "Bottlenecks" and Grow your Business to exceed your Wildest Dreams.

Interested in Learning How?

What does the 100% Club Offer Our Members?

  • Training for All of Your Sales Team

  • One-on-One and Group Coaching for Managers and Owners

  • Remarketing

  • SEO

  • SocialSelling

  • Comp Plan Design

  • Hiring Assistance

  • Website Development

  • Automated Prospecting System

  • Sales Process Development

  • Virtual Mastermind Group

  • Growth Plan Development

  • LinkedIn Marketing

  • Facebook marketing

  • Marketing Automation

  • CRM Implementation

O.K... So, EPIC is Probably an Understatement.

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